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About Me


My Story

The expression of one's creative inspiration is a unique and personal gift. In my own journey I have found that intuition is a powerful factor in my artistic and spiritual experience.

I have created this site as a space in which to honor the flow of original treasures that manifest themselves in artistic ways, as well as inspiring others to listen to their own inner voice and expression.

Enjoy Today!


My Medium

I love working large in pastels but I often use watercolors, acrylics and oils as well.  I work in a variety of styles but they all have the same feeling. I try to express the flow of energy of life rather than the physical image.

I have also loved painting murals. There is something very freeing about working on that large scale!


My Inspiration

I am an Intuitive Art Ambassador,  Artist and passionate lover of life, creating, finding and sharing beauty with the world. 

I am totally inspired by my intuitive connection with the world and the energy around me. My mother was an incredibly gifted psychic and metaphysics were treated as a very normal part of life. Because of this, I have always listened to my intuition, and hopefully follow it.

My work always has a very feminine and romantic feel to it, expressing my own outlook on life. I love enjoying every moment.

My travels also inspire me to express my experiences and the beauty I find all around me. In particular, France and Italy play a big part in my art. 

I often paint flowers, fruits and vegetables and I always hear that my paintings of them make people feel happy which makes me happy too! All of these things have the essence of life in them and I think that's why I find them so inspiring!
In my recent series, Lifeforce, I intuitively express the flow and energy of life at it's most basic level - as DNA flowing through all things. I have no preconceived image when I begin these and they literally flow through me as I work on them. It's as if someone is working through me,  choosing colors and encouraging me to continue. I love doing these because they are like a treasure hunt and I'm looking for the reward at the end!

Whatever I paint or draw, I try to express the love and energy of life so the viewer can experience it with me.


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