My favorite artistic experience is doing what I call “Intuitive Art”. These pieces come to me via a source outside of myself, often with information attached. Sometimes I will have an image in my mind for months, just waiting for me to express it. Other times, it is an immediate expression of an energy that flows through me.

These pieces are personal, meaningful and emotional for me, and often are the first step along a path of a kind of treasure hunt. Generally I choose not to research the information I receive, instead I wait for the answer to surface as if by magic. I never seek out the information I receive before or after I’ve done these and the less I interfere with the process the better, so I don’t want to cloud the pure flow of creativity with conscious information.

This is a very spiritual process for me and the images and stories that flow through me often surface somewhere along the way and I find out the history or symbolism exists in the Native American spiritual beliefs and culture, or lately, in scientific theories regarding energy, the development of life and life force.