Carol Houghton

For me, life is a constant creation, begging to be appreciated and adored to the fullest extent. I celebrate life as often as possible – there are so many beautiful things to be thankful for. I have always been a totally creative person, exploring art in all it’s forms – visual arts, music and dance – but art extends far beyond traditional concepts of classical artistic expression, it is the very energy of how we choose to live our lives.

In my art, I strive to express the energy of life around me. This isn’t a conscious decision – it is my greatest artistic pleasure. It is rare that I would consider “WHAT” to draw or paint: it chooses me. And most likely, it will be “something” that isn’t a consciously known “thing” at all. Occasionally I will choose a subject and express it in my own way, but the most meaningful artistic experiences to me are when I allow the images to flow intuitively, uninterrupted, onto the page or canvas. When I am “in tune” there is no conscious decision as I draw – no choice of color or line, no design decisions made – it is a totally spontaneous expression of energy.

I have always loved the curvaceous, undulating lines, variety of textures and contrasts found in nature. Working large gives me the freedom to move with my work, and a freedom to express the energy that flows through me. Art is a spiritual experience for me and gives a deeper meaning to my life.

I feel like a surrogate mother, creating each piece with the knowledge that it will resonate to a specific person who will find a healing, regenerating and compelling connection to it. They will take it home and love it.

We each are blessed with unique talents that are our gift to the world. It is when we share these that we are able to enhance, inspire and change the world around us. I urge everyone to discover their own unique gifts and express them for the world to see. By honoring that which is special in each of us we are given a deeper meaning as to why we are here, why we are all connected and a sense of compassion and humanity.

I live in Marin County, California, north of San Francisco, where I keep my studio in San Rafael. I find inspiration from nature, emotional experience and the love of humanity. I also love the lifestyle, color and design influences from other cultures, and especially enjoy the ambience and lifestyle found in France and Italy.